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Live Chat Case Study: Snow Orthodontics

How patients want to communicate is rapidly changing. Instead of calling a practice for information and appointments, they want to be able to chat live with a representative right from the website. The problem is they want an instant response, even on nights and weekends.

case-study-snow-orthoThat’s why Dr. Gib Snow added Simplifeye’s 24/7 live chat service to his eight orthodontic practices. Snow Orthodontics is part of the Schulman Group, a dental support organization whose members represent the top 2 percent of orthodontists practicing in the U.S. 

The secret to their success is amazing patient care and customer service.

Live Chat Added $180,000 in Six Months

Simplifeye’s team of highly-trained Smile Specialists act as a virtual front desk, responding to inquiries within seven seconds and forwarding the contact information to Dr. Snow’s team to finalize the appointment details.

The team tracks every lead to measure the results. In the first six months, live chat conversions generated an extra $180,000 in revenue.

During the pandemic in 2020, it generated $300,000. In just over two years since implementation, Simplifeye’s chat referrals generated $655,773 in revenue.

“It’s so impressive,” said Dr. Snow. “My scheduler and I both get the notifications right in our email. I get at least 3 to 4 emails a day. And it makes me feel good every time I see one.”

Now he tells colleagues they need to add Simplifeye to their websites, too.

I tell everyone, you need to be on it. Within six months, we brought in an extra $180,000.

Gib Snow, DDS -
Owner, Snow Orthodontics | Schulman Group Member

The Benefits of Live Chat

  • $655,773 Revenue Generated from Chat Conversions in 28 months
  • 75% Chat-to-Appointment Conversion Rate
  • 145 Ortho Starts
  • 91 Pending Starts


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