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7 Tools to Build a Recession-Proof Practice

Presented by Dr. Ryan Hungate, Founder of Simplifeye and Eric Bunnell, Founder of Lasso. Rising inflation and looming recession strike fear in the heart of most dentists. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Catch up on this timely webinar where Dr. Hungate and Eric Bunnell outline 7 specific ways general dentists and specialists can combat the challenges posed by the current economic climate, staffing issues, and competitors with large advertising budgets. Rediscover the unique advantages that private practices can leverage through marketing and operations. Leave this course understanding how to maximize your investment on marketing and thrive during uncertain times.

Discover low-cost strategies to attract and convert patients who might be tempted by direct-to-consumer marketing

  1. Create a roadmap for scaling up and productivity

  2. Learn why your marketing budgets have a higher ROI than corporate brands

  3. How to leverage your current patients so that they sell for you

  4. Review how video can help you dominate local search results

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