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Live Chat Case Study: Eyes on Sheppard

Live Chat adds 85 Optometry patients in 2 months.

case-study-sheppardThe Challenge

More people than ever are going online to find information and they want to be able to get answers immediately – even at night and on weekends.

Plus, the pandemic changed consumer habits and people want to be able to place orders and book appointments online, without having to make a call.

Eyes on Sheppard, a comprehensive optometry practice in North York, Ontario, recognized the change in behavior trends and added Simplifeye’s 24/7 live chat service to its website in January 2021.

“We launched it and the minute it was up, someone was using it,” said Brittany Codrington, the Clinic Manager. “It was very easy to implement. I could explain it to my team in less than five minutes.”

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The Solution

Simplifeye’s team responds within seconds to website visitors, answering their questions and collecting the contact details, insurance information, and reason for their visit to securely share with the Eyes on Sheppard team to finalize scheduling.

“I love the Simplifeye dashboard and how they email us every time there’s a potential patient lead. It’s a foolproof way to make sure no opportunities are lost,” said Brittany Codrington.

It’s also saved time. Simplifeye’s chatters can answer questions about the services Eyes on Sheppard offers and provide links for information on specific services like dry eye therapy. It can also provide links to reorder contact lenses and other products, give directions to the office, and triage other questions, which saves the patients from having to call the practice.

“I’ve been very impressed by how many people use the live chat and how efficient it is,” said Dr. Kerry Salsberg.

The Benefits of Live Chat

In just two months, the optometry practice achieved measurable results:

  • 112 Appointment Referrals via Chat
  • 85 Patients Scheduled
  • 1,500% Return on Investment
“It’s a great resource for filling open chair time,” said Brittany Codrington. “We promote that we have 24/7 live chat on social media. My team loves it!”
“Simplifeye provides a personalized experience for our patients while improving workflow efficiency for our front desk. I definitely recommend it.”

Kerry Salsberg, OD -
Owner, Eyes on Sheppard


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