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New England Dental Group Achieves 1,200% ROI with Live Chat

New England Dental Group is a fast-growing DSO with six practices as of November 2021, and more practices plus a surgical center slated to open in 2022.

They have a call center and a business development team who – prior to adding Simplifeye – would respond to live chats themselves, typically converting about 5 potential patients into booked appointments each month.

It was time-consuming and ineffective. Then the group added Simplifeye’s 24/7 live chat service to its website.


Live Chat Generates 137 Appointments in 2 Months

The results were immediate.

Download the case study.

New England Dental Group added 59 new patients the first month through live chat, and another 78 new patients the second month. 

Simplifeye’s live chat team responds to website visitors within seconds, answering their questions and gathering the contact information and insurance details needed to schedule. 

“People feel more comfortable going through a live chat rather than picking up the phone. Simplifeye’s converting 84% of live chats into booked appointments. It saves us so much time and is very easy to use.”

Caroline Coogan -
Director of Marketing

The business development team receives an email every time a live chat patient requests an appointment, plus the information is displayed in a dashboard so they can easily see the data. It takes only a few minutes to add to the website, and less than 15 minutes to train the dental team members on how to use Simplifeye.

And the return on investment has been huge: 1,200% in just the first few weeks.

“The conversion rate online has been tenfold. I wish I had found this earlier. It’s a no-brainer.”

GT Thiagarajah - Director of Operations, New England Dental Group

The Result

  • 137 New Patients in 2 Months
  • $46,000 Collected Revenue
  • 1,200% Return on Investment
  • 6 Locations

Download the full case study


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