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Live Chat Case Study: Central Coast Orthodontics

Thriving California Orthodontic practice implements a 24/7 Live Chat solution to serve website visitors on nights and weekends.

case-study-central-coastThe Challenge

More and more people are searching online for orthodontic care, and that includes working professionals and busy parents who often don’t have time to look until evenings or weekends, when practices are typically closed. 

Central Coast Orthodontics is a thriving practice in Santa Maria, CA, that needed an easy way to capture those website visitors and convert them into appointments. 

Kirk Specht, DDS, MS, had used a website chat bot in the past and had not been impressed. He implemented Simplifeye’s 24/7 live chat service and saw immediate results.

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How Live Chat Helps Orthodontic Practices

Simplifeye’s team responds within seconds to website visitors, answering questions and gathering the details to schedule appointments. Central Coast Orthodontics added over 30 ortho starts and attributed over $150,000 in revenue to all appointments generated via live chat. 

“Several new patients reach out to us each month to schedule exams and seek orthodontic treatment,” Dr. Specht said. “It’s great to see the Simplifeye emails come through, sometimes 2 to 3 a day.”

While Simplifeye has the ability to directly schedule into most practice management systems, Dr. Specht’s team prefers to finalize the appointment details themselves.

“When we open up Simplifeye, everything is right there ready to go. We can see everything we need to call them and just choose the date and time that works best for them, and boom, it’s done. It’s so fast and convenient for both us and for the patient,” said Nallely Jimenez, an experienced scheduling coordinator.

“Simplifeye brings in a lot of patients,” added Cindy Hernandez, another scheduling coordinator. “There are a lot of patients who prefer to message rather than call on the phone. COVID taught us to evolve with technology.

”Both scheduling coordinators love that Simplifeye’s chatters are real people, not automated messages. “The personalized attention really makes a big difference. It makes the patient comfortable,” explained Jimenez.“

I’ve been very happy with the results we have had using Simplifeye. I began using the service to provide another access point for new patients. It has turned out to be another means of enhancing our existing patient experience as well,” said Dr. Specht. 

The Results

  • $150,000 Revenue Generated from Chat Conversions
  • 30+ Ortho Starts
  • 23% Of Chats Are After-Hours
  • 64% Of Chats Are New Patients 
“We added over 30 ortho starts.”

Kirk Specht, DDS, MS -
Central Coast Orthodontics, Schulman Group


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