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5 Tips for 5 Star Reviews

Did you know that 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation?



According to BrightLocal's 2019 Consumer Reviews Survey, 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This statistic reveals the growing importance of online reviews and shows that they can have a huge impact on consumer decision-making.

Reviews provide potential patients with an insight into the quality of care they can expect from a practice, as well as the overall patient experience. Reviews also give dentists and their staff valuable feedback on how they can improve their services and provide better care for their patients. Potential patients rely heavily on reviews when making decisions about which dental practice to visit, so investing in gathering and responding to reviews can be a great way for dental practices to increase patient acquisition.

According to a survey conducted by DentaVox, 86% of patients check online reviews before selecting their dentist. This is further supported by a survey conducted by Software Advice which found that 71% of patients checked online reviews to help them decide which dentist to choose.

Here's what you need to do to make sure you get it right:

  1. Deliver a Remarkable Patient Experience: Find ways to surprise and delight your patients. Make it faster and simpler to book appointments by adding live chat or online scheduling to your website. Make the checkout process easier with chair-side checkout and text to pay invoices. These little differences can set your practice apart and make your patients want to share their experience.

  2. Ask for Reviews: After a patient has had a positive experience at your practice, ask them if they would be willing to leave a review on Google or another relevant review site. Consider including a link to the review page in follow-up emails or text messages.

  3. Make it Easy: Ensure that leaving a review is as easy as possible for patients and your team! Using a reviews platform that integrates with your practice management system allows you to automate this process freeing up valuable time for your team members.

  4. Respond Promptly: Respond promptly to all reviews, both positive and negative. Thank patients for their feedback and address any concerns raised by negative reviews in a professional manner. It's important for healthcare practices to remember HIPAA guidelines when responding to reviews. Don’t disclose any information about the patient—don’t even acknowledge the person is a patient in your office. A patient’s own disclosure is not permission for the doctor to disclose anything. The best way to address a negative review is to let the reviewer know that you take their opinion seriously and would like to discuss their experience offline. Don't forget to include your contact information.

  5. Share Social Proof: Display your positive reviews prominently on your website and social media channels, so potential patients can see what others have said about their experiences with your practice.

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